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Founded in 2022, under the Starke Football® coaching system, California Sabers is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and mentoring 7v7 football athletes in Southern California, The California Sabers is a travel local and regional 7v7 team with a pursuit for national competition.


Our Mission: Cultivate a high-energy environment, supportive family culture and love for the process on-and-off the field while providing a platform; where each athlete gains media and scouting exposure, elite playing opportunities and training support to help maximize a desire to sharpen their mental game and physical skillsets and football IQ.



12U (MS) • 15U (HS) • 18U (HS)
👉Saturday: December 9th, 2023

Warmups: @ 08:30AM
Tryout End: @ 10:30AM

✅ Preparation Evaluation
✅ Teamwork Evaluation
✅ Competition Evaluation
✅ Football IQ Evaluation

(Phase 2 Cuts)
December 11th, 2023

12/11: Final Official Roster/Offer/Commitment Signing
12/13: Team Conditioning/Partial Playbook Handout
12/19: Full Team Conditioning/Workout Day
12/13: Team Conditioning/Partial Playbook Handout

12/28: Team Conditioning/Workout

01/02: TUES – Morning Team Practice
01/04: THUR – Morning Team Practice

TBA: Tuesday & Thursday
(Jan Dates will be release after Christmas Break)

Offense: QB RB WR TE
Defense: LB CB S

37000 Ruth Ellen Way
Murrieta, CA 92563

Address TBA – Menifee, CA

Starke Football® Coaching System


Frequently asked

Please read through FAQ first to find the answers to your questions you may have.
If you don’t see an answer, click button to contact us.

How much is the tryout fee?

Tryout fee is $50. FYI, your $50 tryout fee will be rolled into your player fees if your athlete makes final roster and accepts.

Why is there a tryout fee?

Tryouts come with expenses that aren’t yet covered by sponsorship. Some teams roll this into the fee for travel football. We believe the cost should be shared by every participate who attends our tryouts, not just those who accept a roster place.

How many tryouts are there?

There’s one (1) open phase 1 tryout on November 18th. Those athletes who make it to phase 2 will be invited to the invitation-only December 9th tryouts to compete for the final roster.

When and where are Practices?

Due to us starting our preseason early, our practice dates are subject to change, but here’s what we are planning.

(Before Tournaments)
(2x) per week (Tuesday & Thursday)

(Week before Tournaments)
(3x) per tournament (Tues, Thur & Sat)

(Week of Tournaments)
Walk thru on Thursday

(Week after Tournaments)
Break Period

After final roster is filled, December 13th (Conditioning & Playbook Handout)
Week of December 18th (first week of training before Christmas Break)

Dec-January: Los Alamos Hills Sports Park
January-May: Location will be announced

Not sure if my athlete is good enough to play travel 7on7?

We have athletes of all different skill sets attend and we have coaches that have trained athletes from all skill levels. Talent is a big factor when competing against nationally ranked teams, but talent isn’t all we’re considering. We’ve competed in championships with undersized, underaged, and much slower athletes in the past. Finding the best talent isn’t our focus, we will have all of our athletes competition ready. So, we encourage every athlete to tryout.

What do you look for in a player during tryouts?

Athletes will be evaluated on their work ethic, technical skills, Football IQ as well as their physical abilities. We look for athletes that are teammates, competitors and leaders.

Who will evaluate the players in the tryouts?

Each athlete will be evaluated by Starke Football® professional trainers and coaches.

Does my SF® athlete have free registration to tryout?

If your athlete is an active Starke Football® athletes and holds a “All-Elite Access” membership, your tryout registration fee is waived. SF® athletes must hold active “All-Elite Access” membership status at the time of registration and tryout dates. Contact the SF’s administrator to complete your registration.

My athlete was on the team before, do we have to tryout?

Yes! All athletes past and present must tryout for the new seasonal year.

What should my athlete bring?

Athletes should wear cleats, weather appropriate clothing, COVID-19 appropriate face mask (if required), and bring a water bottle with your name on it.

What if it is raining the day of tryouts?

Tryouts will be held rain or shine, unless there is lightning, high winds and/or unusually stormy conditions. Tryouts on grass fields may be rescheduled if there was continuous rainfall in the days prior.  Please check the website or email for field updates and cancellation/reschedule notices.

When will we find out the results?

Each athlete will receive an e-mail on our (Phase Cut Dates) see above in the days following the conclusion of tryouts.

Once commitments have been secured, team rosters will be formed.  We do not want to pressure your family into making a commitment if the athlete is unsure.  We will work with the you and your family, but athletes invited to join our 7V7 teams will be given a deadline to commit to joining the team… Usually no more than 48 hours.

The e-mail will either say…
“Congratulations we would like to offer an invite to our phase 2 tryout “invitation-only”
“at this point we cannot offer you a spot on a team and you have been placed on a waitlist”.

Please advise your child that there are two outcomes to the tryouts.

My athlete made the team, what's next?

You will be asked to commit within 48 hours after receiving your invitation. Families of invited athletes will receive instructions for athlete finalized registration from the team administrator.  After receiving the invitation and upon acceptance, the registration paperwork will be due along with the appropriate fees.

Any other costs besides the registration fees?

None are planned.  The uniform and gear (jersey, shorts/tights and bag) cost is included in the fees along with the anticipated league fees.  Any special tournaments that the team and families decide to participate in could incur an additional cost, but any additional cost will be shared with the families.

What if I do not make a team?

There are options available to you such as Starke Football® offseason training that will be made available to help further your athlete’s development.  We encourage athletes who do not make a team and who want constructive feedback to contact the Head Coach Wes via email at sw**@st************.com.

Also, taking advantage of offseason training with Starke Football® provides an inside access to the coaches. The easiest way to gain an opportunity just in case a roster spot opens.



Our 2024 season schedule dates are subject to change due to early preparation. We are making a proposal for (3-4) tournaments minimum. Our official schedule will be released by December 20th after tryouts are concluded.


What to expect?

Starke Football® will be conducting all evaluations for both tryouts dates. Evaluations are set to properly place each athlete in the positions that will best help benefit the team.

Evaluation drills and competition will provide the platform for each athlete to showcase their physical performance and football abilities in multiple situations and game-like scenarios.

Your athlete will go through a series of effective and professional style of evaluations to test his or her speed, agility, coordination, teamwork, conditioning and how they stack up mentally and physically against competition.

✅ Speed and Agility Testing
✅ Conditioning Testing
✅ Coordination Testing
✅ Teamwork Testing
✅ Competition Testing
✅ 2023 Sabers® Tryout T-shirt


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    Earning your spot is everything

    Why a tryout?
    Is 7on7 that competitive?

    You better believe it! 7on7 is very competitive and can ultimately catapult athletes to next level exposure and college scouting opportunities.

    This opportunity to tryout for us is for focused, highly motivated, disciplined, talented student-athletes who want to benefit from elite coaching and training and who feel thrive competing with other focused and motivated athletes.  Our tryouts allow us to identify the best athletes for our teams.

    Noticed that we didn’t say “most-talented athletes”. We aren’t looking for the most talented, we’re looking for the best athletes for our teams. Athletes who are coachable, hold a standard of great character on and off the field, hardworking students in the classroom and great citizens in the community.

    Talent is a BIG plus but it isn’t our #1 focus. 


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